January 20, 2010

ANEMONE CORONARIA - the windflower

The first flower of the year ,
Every gardener's pride.
A symbol of Transitoriness.


Anemone, is derived from the Greek word anemos, the wind. The short-lived delicate flower blooms with the gentle spring breeze  and vanishes. The fragile and fleeting beauty has been found throughout the Mediterranean since the prehistoric times. This flower being the garderner's pride was one of the seven  most important garden flowers in the seventeenth century ( Carnation, Tulip, Auricula, Hyacinth, Ranunculus, Primula and Anemone).

The wild population of these beautiful Anemone flowers are in a decline in Israel due  to urbanization and now it is a protected plant in Israel.

The mystic presence of the flower is being associated with ephemeral love and the quick drying tears of woman. Although the flower is found is many colors, the red reminds of the sufferings and death of the lovers Aphrodite and Adonis ( Greek mythology ).

Poppy Anemone, the first flower of the year, is of great sacred importance. Although it belongs to the poisonous family of flowers (Anemone contains an acrid compound called anemonin ) it was formerly used for its medicinal value.

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