January 29, 2010

DAFFODIL - Narcissus

Vanity and Death,
Resurrection and Rebirth;
The flower of the underworld.


The yellow daffodil - Narcissus pseudonarcissus - can bring a fresh dose of color and fragrance anywhere. This flower is a native to Asia, Europe and North Africa. Narkissos, name was given by the ancient Greeks, which describes the evoking narcotic scent of the Daffodil.

Daffodil is the national flower of Wales and is symbol of vanity in China. It blooms around the time when  Chinese celebrate their New Year. The Greek mythology tells a  very gratifying tale for the origin of this flower. They say, a handsome youth named Narcissus, was obsessed with his own looks. He could not leave the sight of his own reflexion and fell into the water. The flower sprang from the edge of the water and was named after him. The word 'narcissism' is also associated with the above tale.

Narcissus flower was associated with death and underworld. Exquisite daffodil wreaths have come down from the Graeco-Roman Egypt. At the time of the pharaohs, the daffodil bulb skins were placed on the eyes, nose and mouth of a mummy. It is the promise of an eternal life.

P.S. - Intake of any part of Daffodil is not safe.

Hey friends, checkout my paintings inspired by this flower on this link. Gosh...the name of this flower is really fascinating... NARCISSUS !!

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